photography by Gwendolyn Antonio

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capturing the energy of your event


When you hire a photographer for an event, you need someone who's punctual, personable, presentable, experienced, and efficient. You need the photographs to be captivating and sharp. Those are your needs, and I exceed them.

But what about your wants? As an effective event photographer, I interact directly with executives,

attendees, and guest speakers as well as the event planners and production crew. I bring a positive energy to your event, which will in turn make your company look good. You'll almost always see me with a smile on my face, because I love what I do! Not only that, but I take the initiative to create my own shooting schedule based on the agenda. I'm proactive when it comes to making sure your event is photographed the way you want.

Another service you may want from your photographer is the delivery of a finished, ready-to-use product. It's no fun to receive one big batch of photographs that are in no particular order, completely unorganized and unedited, as some event photographers tend to deliver. Wouldn't you rather receive your images in folders labeled by event or subject, further organized by presenters' names? It would be terrific, too, if 

unflattering images were already edited out and basic color correction was applied. This is what Radia delivers. The organized, edited finished product I produce for your event will save your staff hours of work sifting through photos to find the ones you wish to use.

I've crafted my approach to corporate event photography over 13 years of experience working for a diverse list of corporate clients. After earning my BFA in photography from Arizona State University, I trained with a professional studio photographer for 2 years before striking out on my own and launching Radia. I immediately gravitated toward corporate events because I enjoy the ever-changing challenges, fast pace, and interesting people. Based in Phoenix, I routinely travel for work.  My clients have included:

John Deere

The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals

Heartland Payment Systems


Wells Fargo


Image Technologies Corporation

Bayer Biologics



I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II

and professional Canon L lenses.

I'm accustomed to shooting in very

low light, and never use flash in

situations where it will be obtrusive.

A backup camera rig is always at

the ready, so I won't miss a beat.

You're sure to get what you need

when you hire me, and I'll work tirelessly to make sure you get what you want as well.

People always tell me "Gwen, you look so happy all the time!" I am! ...because I love my job, a love that comes through in my photographs.

Services Offered

Corporate Events

From start to finish, I've got you covered.  View my portfolio.


Consistent, efficient portraiture on site during company events. Personalized portraiture by appointment.

Concerts & Entertainment

Expressive shots showcase performers, audiences, and venues. Check it out.

Incentive Programs

Beautiful, fun photos will make everyone want to be there! See for yourself.

Initial Public Offerings

This is a critical moment in the life of a company. Do it right. 

Product Launches

All the enthusiasm that went into the launch of a new product will shine through in the images.

Leather Bound Books

Customized book embossed with a company name. A stunning gift or piece for your own portfolio. View an example.